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Jen Stumpf | Founder of Glow Spiritual Healing & Wellness

I started Glow in 2020 with virtually no clue what I was doing. With the amazing support of my family and community, I have built Glow into a highly reputable and trusted source of healing for many people throughout my community and beyond.

"I am SO excited to begin the transformation of Glow into this next stage - which includes introducing new trusted team members brought in to impact more people than I ever could alone."

It is our goal here at Glow to transform the collective consciousness and create a highly vibrant, enlightened world. I believe that together, we can do just that!

You can trust that anyone I personally bring into the Glow Family has pure intentions and they are fully versed in the Glow Code of Ethics (see below.) Not only are these beautiful ladies incredibly talented, but I wholeheartedly trust them to serve my clients and community while upholding the Glow spirit with integrity. Both beautiful souls are unique and bring new healing abilities that are even beyond what I can offer you. I honor and welcome BOTH Karlie and Shari together into Glow to offer a wide array of healing modalities ready to serve our community. 

JOIN ME in welcoming the trusted resources I've brought onboard support your healing journey and know that I am always here for you.

With gratitude, Jen Stumpf

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Quantum Body Healing

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Meet the team

Karlie Palmer

Karlie Palmer

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Karlie is a psychic medium and has a deep connection to nature and animals during her healing sessions. 


"I have had psychic abilities since I was a child."

Her first remembered vision was at four years old when she saw her aunt falling down some stairs and then waking up in a hospital room. She warned her aunt before she left on her trip, and between her connecting flight, tragically her aunt fell down a huge set of concrete stairs and broke her back. Amazingly her aunt recovered, but from then on, her visions and intuition strengthened. 

"Psychics and healers run in my family."


Her great grandmother "Granny" is her number one spirit guide. She has always felt a very strong connection to her, even though she died before Karlie was born. Granny was very religious and spiritual. Karlie later learned her great grandmother had a crystal ball, used Tarot cards, and had visions that she called “premonitions.” 


Karlie's aunt who had fallen down the stairs is also incredibly intuitive. At a young age, her aunt taught her to embrace her abilities and trust her intuition. She took Karlie under her wing and taught her the importance of grounding, meditation, how to use Tarot cards, and connecting with nature. Karlie has been a natural plant, animal, and crystal empath. She was always obsessed with collecting rocks, geodes, and amethysts. 


Although she's been gifted with abilities at a young age, Karlie's spiritual awakening didn't begin until 2019. She began having out-of-body experiences and vivid dreams.


"I felt like I was going crazy and I didn’t belong here."


Karlie connected with Jen through an online group, where she booked a Reiki and healing session. Jen explained to her that she was incredibly gifted with mediumship abilities. That's when Karlie finally felt seen and her whole life started to make sense. Karlie has now wholeheartedly embraced the fact that she is a naturally gifted healer. She dedicates her time and energy to her family and spirituality, bringing light and healing to others.

Karlie has taken psychic development courses, strengthened her Tarot skills, animal communication courses, Reiki level 1 & 2, and read countless spiritual development books. She embraces her abilities and accepts her purpose on this planet to help raise the vibration of others in her community and beyond. 

Karlie has a Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design and is an artist and florist. For fun, she hand paints signs and family portraits onto Christmas ornaments.

"I am so excited for this next step in my journey with Glow Spiritual Healing and look forward to connecting with you!"

- Karlie Palmer 

Karlie Specializes In

Animal Communication

Intuitive Readings

Distant Reiki Healing 

Shari Lynn Glow_edited.jpg

Shari Lynn

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Shari is a Reiki Master and gifted Tarot specialist. She bought her first Tarot deck in 2002 and is currently writing her own Tarot book.

"I have performed over 1,000 Tarot readings."

Shari grew up with a father who was a southern Baptist preacher. She was born and raised in the Bible belt. Her mom was her biggest cheerleader and taught her and her two sisters unconditional love. She was always interested in magic and was sure God would strike her with lightning when she went to her first Tarot reading! That reader told her that she too would read Tarot someday. 


In the 90's Shari went to a women's support group in Portland, Oregon. There she was introduced to the magic of Reiki healing. She was instantly drawn toward Reiki without fear or hesitation. Shari was attuned to first degree Reiki in 1991, then second degree in 1994.

"In 1996, I became a Reiki Master and in the same year was also ordained."

Shari is a gifted wedding officiate and has happily joined over 700 couples! 


When Shari met Jen back in 2018 at a Spiritualist church in Tacoma, Washington, they immediately bonded. Together, they started an evening Reiki share for anyone who came into the Spiritualist church. When they worked with each other, both of them realized right away they each amplified each other’s energy.

While Shari had been offering Reiki healing, she was also offering Tarot to those who reached out. Shari's Tarot skills are above and beyond. In fact, before Jen had learned how to read Tarot, Shari actually wrote Jen a handwritten reference book! To this day, Jen periodically uses that book to help her students. 

"I listen as much as I give advice, because people just want to be heard. Over the years I have learned compassion, kindness, and holding space for others."


She used to tell clients, oh Tarot is just for fun, it's not scary but Spirit has taught her that life is not all rainbows and unicorns. Many people have loss and deep pain. Shari was also a hospice volunteer for eight years. She has some incredibly beautiful stories from that experience!

"I feel truly honored to be invited to work with Jen at Glow Spiritual Healing. There are so many people who are in great need of our services." 

-Shari Lynn

SHAri Specializes In

Intuitive Tarot Readings

Relationship Readings

Distant Reiki Healing

Glow Code of Ethics

  • We try our best to enhance the image of the metaphysical community by living with personal and professional integrity.

  • We treat all persons equally without prejudice or discrimination based on sex, race, ethnic background, color, religious affiliation, or sexual preference.

  • We promise to avoid fraudulent claims, practices, and promises, and always strive for quality in readings & all our work.

  • We encourage seekers to accept total responsibility for their lives and the choices they must make.

  • We honor others’ points of view, even those that differ from ours.

  • We understand that the financial exchange of each session is in turn an exchange of energy.

  • We keep all readings confidential and discreet... Always.

  • We do not claim 100% accuracy, because no one has or is meant to have all the answers all the time. Spirit, God, and/or the Universe has a plan that is not always revealed to us.

  • We advise our clients that we are not licensed therapists, psychiatrists, or medical doctors and therefore do not give diagnosis or psychological counseling.

  • We do not counsel that someone is about to die or has a terminal disease even if we feel serious illness may be present.

  • We never force clients to accept what we are telling them.

  • We promise to keep clients’ welfare in mind first. In cases where we feel a client needs more attention, we will advise them or refer them to another healer or counselor.

  • We promise to work conscientiously for the highest and best good of our clients and ourselves.

  • We trust what our guides are showing us 1,000%

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"When you realize you're not afraid to be different, that's when greatness happens."
-Jen Stumpf