Have you ever looked at your pet and wondered what in the heck are they thinking, feeling, or trying to tell you? If so, you're in luck!


Glow Intuitive Reader, Karlie Palmer, specializes in Animal Communication Readings and is now offering this unique service to all of our Glow clients. Learn more and book your reading below!

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Austin & Rango

“I had a very special session with Karlie about my sweet Rango who crossed the rainbow bridge in 2020 after losing his battle with a very fast progression of feline renal lymphoma. I had to make the decision to help him cross and I've been carrying a lot of guilt about the end of his life. It was cathartic to hear that he was OK and the pain lessened as he got closer to passing, which helped me reaffirm that I made the right decision and that he is at peace. So many of her comments were spot on and it was like getting to interact with him again. I never thought I would have this opportunity. It was really beautiful.“

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Lexy & Journey

“Allowing our souls to connect differently brought us a deeper connection. I wanted to know what he was feeling on the inside compared to him showing me on the outside. I loved the reading I received and the sincerity of karlie’s caring delivering. I will continue to have her do readings for me!“

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Courtney & Sabrina

“I was able to get a reading from Karlie pertaining to my cat. “WHOA”, is what I have to say first. Karlie was SPOT ON to everything I knew of my cat and verified what I have suspected. Her reading also helped me understand my purpose a little more as she communicated with my “drop in” aka cat. Her reading was extremely in-depth and she even sent a picture of what my cat was communicating with her. I highly suggest getting a reading from Karlie. I will definitely be booking another reading for my other animals and myself!” 


Animal communication is a psychic reading where the medium receives messages from an animal, whether alive or passed.

The great part about this service is that it can be done without being in person, meaning it can help people and impact lives no matter where in the world you live. 

Prior to meeting with you to deliver messages - you will be asked to provide a photo and basic information about your animal.


Much of the reading takes place before even speaking with you.


A full body scan of the animal is performed while in a meditative state. During this time, the animal's energy centers (chakras) will be cleared and balanced. Tarot cards and other tools may be used to assist with connection and interpret messages.

After the initial connection is complete, we meet with you live via Zoom for a 20-minute session to relay messages received.


Messages often come through as colors, feelings, pictures, and phrases. Sometimes messages can reveal injuries as well.

You are welcome to ask specific questions, but as with all readings, we don't get to control what messages are received. All we can do is ask the question and hold space for what messages are sent.

In order for you to be fully present and open to receive messages, we are happy to provide you with a recording of the session - so there is no need to take notes.

Ready to see what your pet has to say? Book your reading today!

Animal Communication - Cards
"I empathize with animals and feel their needs as if they are my own"
- Karlie Palmer, Psychic & Animal Communicator


Karlie Horse Spirit Card

When booking your reading, you will be asked to provide the following information about your animal:

  • Name & age of your pet

  • 1-2 specific questions (remember, these are not always answered, but we do our best)

  • Upload a clear photo of the pet you'd like to connect to
    (yes, this can be done on pets that are living or have passed)

This information can be submitted at the time of booking or emailed prior to your appointment.

NOTE: Much of the actual reading is done prior to our Zoom call - so you must submit this information at least 24 hours before your appointment to ensure enough time is given to the process.


Hi, I'm Karlie. From a very young age I have been surrounded by animals and have always felt a deep connection with them.

As a kid, I thought it was "normal" and it wasn't until I got my first horse, Shamrock "Shammie", that I realized my connection to animals was something special.


Shammie was untrained and skittish. She wouldn't allow people to ride her or even go near her - except for me. I could literally feel her spirit and I believe she could feel mine. She trusted me, even when she didn't trust anyone else.

Because I was just 7 years old and Shammie needed a lot of training, my dad decided it was "too dangerous" for me to be around her, so he sold her. My heart was broken, however after she left, the real magic happened. I discovered I was able to still communicate with her.


I would send her love and hugs and she would show me pictures of her new home and rider. My dad was shocked when I told him that they had switched her to English saddle (which he later confirmed was true), and I was just happy knowing she was happy.

While I have had these gifts of connecting with animals my whole life, they were put on the back burner for some years. It was my first reiki session with Jen that awakened my animal senses all over again.

Animals started behaving in a way around me that they hadn't in a long time. I had forgotten about this gift and yet it all came flooding back.


Since then I have fully immersed myself in developing my animal communication skills and I am thrilled to be offering it as a healing service to the Glow community.

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"I know the impact animals have had in my life and it is such an honor to share this unique offering with you."
- Karlie Palmer, Psychic & Animal Communicator