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Get clear messages from
the Spirit world to answer
your burning questions.

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No more losing sleep! Tap into all of your burning questions and receive clear answers now.


Miss your loved ones in spirit? Your guides aren't the only helpers who come through for you! Feel relief instantly.  

When your path is not clear, it's hard to move forward with confidence.

The abundance you desire is being

capped by your own limitations

When you get clear on your purpose, and your burning questions, the next steps are natural. 


Our time together will be dedicated to uncovering the root causes of the obstacles and uncertainties that have been holding you back.

During our three sessions together, I will connect with your energy and higher self, as well as with spiritual guides and loved ones who have passed on.


This connection allows me to receive insights, messages, and guidance that are specifically tailored to your unique situation.

In just 3 transformative sessions - you will be more clear on your path and purpose than ever before so you can...

  • open yourself up to confidently move through your biggest challenges with ease

  • understand and release the underlying issues and hidden influences affecting your life - whether these challenges are related to career, relationships, health, or personal growth

  • receive significant messages from your spirit guides or loved ones who have crossed over

  • calm your nervous system, sleep better, and feel more connected to your spirit guides

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My session was one of the coolest things I've experienced!


She was able to correctly identify the body aches and pains I had been dealing with and relieve them, specifically my lower back. Months later, I still feel relief where she performed body work that I wasn't even able to achieve with a chiropractor.


I would hands down recommend Jen 1,000%! 

Tamara C.

"I have many old injuries from my past military service and have had surgeries and treatments that have not worked. It has been a full week since my healing and I have been pain free the whole time. I am a full believer in Jen and she is a true blessing. I highly recommend her."

Ken. W.

"Two words to describe my experience would be life-changing.


I was in a funk (for years). I feel refreshed, I have a newfound hope. I have a new appreciation for the world and those around me. Jen helped heal me in ways I didn’t even know I needed or could be healed. I took away amazing skills." 

Amber P.

I've opened 5 spaces this month and they fill quickly.

Secure your spot today!

Regular Investment $2999 USD

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Your VIP/Early Bird Investment of only $1,997 USD

Limited Time Only

( 3 sessions in total )

Or select our generous payment plan of 3x's $747

More About Your Next Mentor!

Jen Stumpf, dental hygienist turned top-rated global Medical Intuitive, with over 250 Five Star Google reviews is sought after for her channeling precision.

Over the years, Jen has developed a crystal clear connection with higher vibrational benevolent beings. These beings channel through her to help restore her clients and students to a much higher frequency.

Jen has a deep passion and love for teaching and healing humanity.  When she's not channeling and providing high-level guidance, she enjoys spending time with her family traveling, camping, and being in nature.

Medical Intuitive Jen Stumpf

For any questions or assistance with registration, please don't hesitate to reach out to our friendly GLOW Client Care team at


We are happy to answer your questions and guide you through the process. We look forward to welcoming you to the Glow community!


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