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From self-doubt to a profound connection with yourself & the spirit world

Catapult your personal development with the intuitive guidance of a psychic medium at your fingertips in this unique mentorship program.

Medium Jen Stumpf

This is NOT your average mentorship!

Receive advanced downloads to catapult your spiritual growth like you've never experienced before.

My spiritual journey wasn’t always easy. It felt incredibly lonely. I decided to go all in when I walked away from my long-time dental hygiene career.

When I say all in, I mean I made a lot of mistakes and spent a lot of time, energy, and money! But, I also learned so much about what works (and what doesn't.) It wasn’t without trial and error though, and it took a lot of time away from my family.

☀️ But this won’t be the case for you!

To be clear, what I’m offering will NOT take a ton of your time. It won’t pull you away from your family, or bring resistance into your life. This is the easiest path with the most impactful information delivered straight to you.

I will guide you through a true transformation using systemic and intuitive methods + by partnering with benevolent beings who heal your physical and energetic body while raising your vibration to its highest frequency.

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you've been looking for!

This mentorship is for you if you have...

“Done the work” but still feel stuck.

Experienced a spiritual awakening (or are currently experiencing one) and aren't sure what to do next.

Yearned for a community of like-minded people on a similar journey to support you on your path.

Been "playing small" and are ready to step into your power.

A deep knowing that life could be more joyful or fulfilling, but have been unable to create that reality for yourself.

Run a spiritual business and want to add the newest skills to your toolbox.

Thought about advancing your skills to step away from your 9 to 5 job for good!

You're Called To Do More

Mentorship is like a shortcut to advancing your connection fast!

Get Real Results

"Jen's kindness and professionalism put me at ease from the start. Without any prompting, she delved into my personal situation accurately and offered insightful guidance."

"There have been many aspects of my life covered by fog, but with Jen's intuitive abilities and talents + loving guidance from Spirits, she revealed many things I will continue working on." 

"Jen is so kind, patient and full of love and light! She brings me healing that I can't get anywhere else - physical and mental. You won't be disappointed. 

Chad Owen


Mary Johnson

"Everything about my time spent with Jen was magically perfect. She is the real deal!"

'My experience with Jen was everything I’d hoped it would be providing clarity, affirmation and healing."

"The accuracy of what she told me and the weight that was lifted during our healing session was nothing short of amazing."

Amy Schweigart

Katherine Lacey

What's Included?

Live Group Calls

Join Jen LIVE for training, messages from Spirit & more (replays included.)

Journal Prompts

Continue growth between calls with carefully curated prompts.

Engaged Community

Our private Facebook Group is a great place to connect with members.

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1:1 Laser Sessions

Dive deeper into a specific issue and get custom guidance from Jen.

Free Membership

Enjoy complimentary access to our GLOW UP Membership.

Content Library

Our ever-growing content library features invaluable resources.

Bonus Content

In addition to the LIVE calls and 1:1 Laser Sessions you'll enjoy exclusive access to these bonus materials designed to support your spiritual transformation.

Jen Stumpf

Complimentary GLOW UP Membership

$528 Value

Get an annual membership to our GLOW UP Community. Join monthly live group calls, access the content library full of materials, and much more!

Resources & Referrals

$1000 Value

Why waste your time, energy, and money wading through hundreds of service providers, thousands of online courses, and endless resources when I've done it for you?!

Life Coaching

$20,000+ Value

As you build your spiritual connection - know that all areas of your life will reap the benefits as well. This mentorship will increase flow in - business, relationships, money, confidence, authenticity, and so much more - all at a fraction of the cost of many life coaches.

Discover your potential, starting today.

Hi, I'm Jen

You need support and are called to heal others!

Jen Stumpf

Jen Stumpf
Owner, Glow Spiritual Healing & Wellness

"Over the years, I have developed a connection with higher vibrational benevolent beings. These beings work through me to help restore my clients to a much higher frequency. When we remove our own limitations, anything is possible.​ I have a deep passion and love for healing humanity. As a conduit helper of the spirit world, I'm so happy you are here and I cannot wait to work with you!"

Groups are collective more powerful than individual work. Here's why...

Collective energy is enhanced & amplified

When everyone is amplifying "healing" energy, it accelerates individual healing, creating a more potent environment. The shared intention to heal speeds the healing of everyone involved.

Discussions can help solidify healing and catapult results

Gain clarity for deeper understanding, comfort, and validation to build connection with others navigating similar journeys.

Advanced mentorship delivered to you in the comfort of your own home

Meeting from the comfort of your own space at the same time each week offers accountability, reliability, and consistency. Simply log in to Zoom, relax, and be open to receiving each week.

Group mentorship is cost effective and provides accountability

Achieve deeper healing + save money on each session by doing group vs private coaching. Plus being witnessed and understood in a group holds great power for accountability and therefore, greater results.

Experience physical, mental, emotional healing that is almost unbelievable.

I work with clients daily that achieve instant relief from ongoing and chronic pain symptoms. Having access to bi-weekly sessions can greatly reduce your pain and increase your overall well-being so you can get back to the life you've been dreaming of living. The power of this work sometimes even surprises me! If you allow it to work for you, it will.


Live Your Dreams... Starting Today

You'll be surprised at how quickly your life will change.

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