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Thank you for attending the AFTERGLOW LIVE EVENT! As a special bonus - just for you - we've opened up a one-month FREE TRIAL + Early Access to our new membership community! Learn more below...


I finally get to invite you to join the newest portion of GLOW! (OMG I'm crying.)


As fears around trusting intuition, personal development and spiritual growth have been multiplied and magnified more than ever, I feel inspired to discuss the real needs, missions and intentions surfacing.


The most frequent question I am continually asked is "When are you going to offer more teaching? AND "How can I learn more from you?"

I'm happy to announce that the time has finally come and I am ready to guide you on a much more personal level. 

But that's not the best part. The best part is I get to share my processes, teachings and understanding with you. Those energies are what's going to catapult you into stronger connections and confidence to level up your life. 


Although I'm not just "winging it." The GLOW UP Community Membership is customized to my Founding Members and will be catered to your needs. This is a community effort and we'll all be learning together.

I cannot tell you how excited I am to connect with you!

XO, Jen 


Talks with Jen - Every week interact with me LIVE, as I share my processes, lessons learned, tips, techniques, and methods to help you transform your life.

Live Interviews - Join me as I bring in and connect with numerous experts for LIVE interviews. 

Private Reading Giveaways - Every month, I will randomly choose a member to receive a private reading.

Interactive Q & A - Join me LIVE as I answer personal questions in our private GLOW UP Membership Facebook community with opportunities for on-the-spot readings

Virtual Group Readings - Just like my live events, I will randomly choose a member every month to go LIVE for a virtual "on stage" reading

Meditations - I've gotten through some of the biggest mountains in my life with meditation and connecting with my guides. Most of these are helpful as they're short and sweet, but I promise to include really deep meaningful ones! 

The best part is, if you miss out,  video recordings will be found in our Facebook community group so you can watch them any time you want - as often as you want. 

And don't worry, these aren't going to be long drawn-out chats. I'll get right to the point so you have quick takeaways that are not only inspiring - but that you can incorporate and apply right now into your daily routine. 


I'm more than excited to share the energies and mindsets that support your spiritual growth. 

if you're ready too, click here to sign up today!

"Do not hesitate to put your trust in Jen, she is the real deal, sharing her abilities with a focus on love and light." 

-Paige Scroger

"When you do things with genuine love and care, it shows. This is why Jen comes so highly recommended. I've also taken her Intro to Psychic Development course, which has really helped guide and (re)build the foundation of my own spiritual practice."

-Alyssa Campos

"Jen opened my eyes to so many things, definitely life changing. I can't wait to work with her more."

-Lori Loeb

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