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Jen Stumpf RDH

When I was a little girl I remember my great grandmother visiting me in my dreams.

It was so significant to me that even some of my childhood friends actually recall me talking about it. As a child I was very translucent to spirit. There are a number of times now that I look back and remember seeing angels and guides throughout grade school, junior high and high school.

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Junior high was a very difficult time for me.

 My family had broken up and my home life was no longer a safe place.  


I started working at fifteen as a dishwasher at a local hotel. I met my husband at seventeen years old and a few short months later, his wonderful family took me in like their own.

I graduated with honors from the Pierce College dental hygiene program in 2008. It was some of the hardest mental, physical, and financial times of my life!

I married my high school sweetheart.

We now have two beautiful young children. 

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After putting all my energy into my education and starting a family, my childhood issues crept up on me and I completely lost myself along the way. I was on a number of antidepressant medications and started seeing a counselor. That beautiful woman helped piece my life back together. After seeing her once a week for many years, I started to find myself again. Somehow I still felt something was missing and I was incomplete. 


I became severely depressed and sixty pounds overweight!

I ended up having a bout of severe heartburn lasting months. It was so painful that I was even scoped. There wasn't real evidence and the doctor seemed to think it was anxiety. I was trying multiple medications and still felt absolutely miserable for months! Finally, I had the nerve to reach out to my counselor and told her I saw visions of a dark-haired woman grabbing my neck. She immediately referred me to a past life healer in Sedona, Arizona. Two days later, I was completely healed!


From that moment on, my world and idea of Spiritualism grew exponentially!


My life took a major detour!

In January of 2018, I could no longer deny this spiritual path being entrusted within me.

My guides started visiting each night.  I had out-of-body experiences and complete "knowings" when I awoke.


I started giving psychic messages to strangers. For the longest time, I hid my spiritual side from all family and friends. Mostly because of their religious upbringing, I was afraid they would distance themselves. Slowly letting go of that fear I began to spread my wings. I've learned that



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Stumpf Family

I am at least one of six in my living family who hold similar intuitive gifts.  

Psychic Jen Stumpf

My vision of Glow Spiritual Healing and Wellness became real when I had my very first psychic reading downtown Palm Springs in 2018. It was a girls trip of course!

She told me I would start my own spiritual business and open up a shop to heal and guide others. Funny thing is, I had already enrolled in a Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) course.

She also told me there were three psychic moons present when I was born.

She made sure I understood the significance of that and explained my undeniable connection with spirits and animals. Although SRT wasn't for me, that course opened up countless other healing modalities.

I learned how to read tarot, become reiki attuned, took numerous psychic development courses, astrology courses, dove into animal communication, multiple study groups, and have read countless books.

I embraced the fact that this is my calling and I'm a genuine white light healer. 

I chose this planet to help others in need, and to make a difference, and now I'm answering the call to help open others' abilities and teach. 

Psychic Medium Jen Stumpf Sol Health Yog
Sol Health Jen Stumpf
Jen Stumpf

"I had to make you uncomfortable,

otherwise you never would have moved."

-The Universe