Quantum Body Healing

Quantum Body Healing is a powerful energy healing session that can take place in person or over Zoom.


This unique exchange of energy work and spiritual healing is performed while the recipient is sitting in a chair or relaxed in their own home fully clothed and comfortable.


After centering and getting into a meditative state, Jen receives a holographic image of the recipient's body and through intention will flush out, clear, neutralize and/or shift any unwanted energy. This is accomplished by the help of the spirit world gifting her liquid light therapy.


She works closely with highly evolved beings called Andromedans - also known as the Archangels. They produce and deliver this liquid light into Jen. She sends the light therapy into the body of the recipient, then instructs them to send it wherever it needs to go for the highest and best healing to take place. This type of unique evolved healing is ultimately up to the client. If the client is willing to meet Jen halfway with intention to heal, the results are remarkable!!! 


Clients usually feel adjustments being made. They may notice warmth, tingling, numbness, cooling sensations, and even popping of joints as the gentle adjustments are working through the body.

This is a hands-off spiritual healing approach which leads to a unique experience each and every time.


Whatever the agenda of the spirit world might be, there is significant healing that takes place. 

"Jen was wonderful and I had such a good experience. I had never done energy healing before and the experience was pretty incredible, I feel much lighter than when I arrived, emotionally, as well as all the parts she worked on are much better... Amazing!" - Alison F

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Jen Stumpf Glow

Meet Jen, medical intuitive

Jen Stumpf, founder of Glow, is also a medical intuitive, meaning she can perceive medical information by "seeing" inside the body in order to read physical, emotional, and spiritual energies.


She has the ability to facilitate healing of energetic imbalances by scanning the body and making adjustments to the body's energetic centers like chakras and more.) 

Jen has years of experience working with clients and has taken countless courses on tarot, reiki, psychic development, astrology, and much more.


Having performed thousands of sessions - Jen has embraced the fact that her calling is to be a genuine white light healer and believes that we are on this planet to help others in need and to make a difference. ​


In each session Quantum Healing session, Jen will ask permission to look inside the body. As the recipient is instructed to breathe in light therapy, Jen will see where that light travels into the body and where healing needs to take place. Her spirit doctors, Andromedans, and other helpers facilitate each healing session. Jen has a number of specialty guides who come through for different reasons, but she works closest with the highly evolved Archangels (also known as Andromedans.) Through a series of noises, Jen will then flush out debris and manipulate the facia for enhanced healing. Both the client and Jen MUST have intention to heal, otherwise the highly evolve technique will NOT be effective.  



It is highly encouraged that all recipients drink plenty of water and incorporate clean eating the day of a Quantum Body Healing session, and up to three days afterwards. It's common to feel extreme fatigue, as this adjustment uses powerful energy to heal. Some clients even feel the fatigue during the session and in that case, Jen has the right to end the session immediately. Her mission is to apply effective healing, while going great lengths to keep her clients safe and comfortable. 


Glow Spiritual Healing & Wellness encourages clients take care of themselves and listen to their body's needs after each Quantum Healing session. 

* Glow does not guarantee results and does not imply that this treatment will replace regular medical care. Quantum Body Healing is considered complementary therapy, not a primary care option.

ready to heal your mind / body / soul? 



Wondering if Quantum Body Healing is right for you?

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