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Golden Dust


Rewire your nervous system to receive and hold 2x the financial abundance!

You are stuck at 5-figures a month because your nervous system is wired for stress and chaos.   When you rewire your nervous system to be balanced, you can allow for more money without doing more or being more exhausted.


You are making good money, but you’re now ready to make amazing money, yet no matter what you do, it’s not showing up, leaving you feeling confused and even more exhausted which is making things worse.


The pain in your body is just one of the MANY reasons why your income is capped. 

When your body pain and any trauma that you are unknowingly holding onto is neutralized, your nervous system can fully relax, naturally allowing you to receive more money because you will no longer be taxing an already-overstimulated nervous system that views it as a threat.


When your body is in self preservation mode, it will resist any additional stimulation (even if it is good for you), so if an income leap is what you desire, this has to be top priority for you.


When we work together 1:1, we not only clear any pain and trauma that is capping your income, we attune you to your wealth blueprint, awaken your money codes, and calibrate you to far greater financial abundance without it throwing you into another cycle of pain or exhaustion.


Not only will you be able to receive way more money, you’ll be able to hold it (and that is the key, if we want it to stick around).

I've opened 10 spaces and they will fill quickly, so be sure to book before they fill up. 


Regular Investment $2999

Your VIP/Early Bird Investment

Only $1997 USD or 3 Generous payments of $747


"Advanced spiritual healing" 

Cosmic Sky

Release and resolve your body pain for good

  • Your pain is holding you back from living the life of your dreams.

  • The time, money, and energy you've already spent on your health issues haven't helped and you're open and ready for an alternative option that really works.

  • You find yourself missing out on important events, joy, and ultimately financial abundance. 

  • The unresolved trauma within your body is ready to be fully released. 

Receive Immediate Relief Now

Claim and restore your health today!

Total investment $997  ($1999 value)

"We cleared old pain points - physical and emotional/mental. The session was intense, powerful, and has provided immediate and lasting positive results." - JS

"My appointment with Jen was life changing. I have moved forward from this experience more confident in my life goals and with my belief in the spiritual realm restored and stronger than ever." -PS

"It has been a full week and I have been pain free the whole time. I was am a full believer in Jen and she is a true blessing. I highly recommend her." KW

Clarity Reading

"Move confidently now with full clarity"

Cosmic Sky

Guidance and clear messages from the angelic world

What's your next business move, relationship status, or your life purpose?


No more losing sleep! Tap into all of your burning questions and receive clear answers now. Miss your loved ones in spirit? Your guides aren't the only helpers who come through for you! Feel relief instantly.  

Receive Intuitive Insight Now!

Total single session investment of $997  ($1999 value)

Available Packages


Your VIP/Early Bird Investment

Only $1997 USD or 3 Generous payments of $747

"Two words to describe my experience would be life changing." -AP

"A couple days have past since my reading and I’m still in awe of the experience as a whole." -KL

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