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InterNATIONAL Retreats

Thailand Retreat Flyer.png
Thailand Retreat 2023


If you're reading this,  YOU ARE READY TO ADD MORE JOY TO YOUR LIFE! 

Now is your opportunity to bring more JOY into your life with new memories, new friends and new places.  You are fully supported and guided from the beginning to the end. (ALWAYS) Once you reserve your spot you will be included on our monthly zoom call to stay up to date and have all your questions answered plus some really good knowledge so you can appreciate the sites you will see EXPONENTIALLY! 


This retreat has been co-created with love by a dynamic TRIO.  We came together in friendship & in service to other. We each carry a set of strengths that bring out the best in us, for you!  

All 3 of us are female entrepreneurs, who love people & provide healing services for others full time. 

Anna is a world traveler, photographer & yoga teacher. Along with her many other talents you will soon learn. She is a self-proclaimed vagabond and lives months away from her home & businesses to travel solo, living with the locals and absorbing their culture.  She is currently still in Thailand and has been there since our earlier retreat this past February. She has recently completed her 300 hour RYT, ready to melt your heart in meditation.


Angela has also traveled around the earth a couple times both for leisure and as a leader.  Her travels started in 1993 when we traveled the summer abroad and she has made it her mission to ensure others get out there and see the world too.  She owns 4 yoga studios (Elev8 Hot Yoga & Balance Hot Yoga (3)) and has been teaching and leading retreats since 2009.  Her passion is pushing people into their passions, and helping them know their worth. 


Jen is a Psychic Medium and Medical Intuitive.  Her passion is connecting with the spirit world and has no limitations through love and light. She specializes in Quantum Healing and large group events, teaching and public speaking. Her company GLOW spiritual healing has over 220+ FIVE STAR Google reviews and has served well over 3k clients around the globe.  She and Angela have done 3 retreats together so far and are looking forward to many more. 


Community building and connection will be a significant part of this retreat.  We will grow to know each other, ourselves and the locals.  


Anna has spent many months in Thailand and will be utilizing these friendships to bring us authentic experiences.  We are excited to reunite with many of her MAGICAL friends and guides.   


This is not your average yoga retreat.  


We will arrive and gather for our first meet on the island of Koh Phangan, in a lovely, tropical villa. This will give you the opportunity to rest and freshen up from your worldly travels into this far away land. 


While in the Thailand, we will be immersed into the culture and ourselves through food & experiences, daily yoga practice, meditation, cocoa ceremony, beach days, & plenty of introspective time.


After our magical week on the island, we will travel together to Koh Samoi & Bangkok.  In Bangkok we will finish the adventure with a few of the most interesting and famous places in Bangkok: Khaoson Road, Reclining Buddha and the Floating Market.


It’s going to be a one-of-a kind experience <3

"There was an activity for the group to do every day and still left room for alone time. I felt there was a good balance of yoga, adventuring, relaxing and solo time incorporated into our plans. I felt completely comfortable telling Anna anything, which is important when in a different country far away from home. There was absolutely a no judgment vibe to all our interactions. I will absolutely be joining the next retreat. "

-Ruby W. (Relax, Rejuvinate  & Balance Thailand Retreat Feb. 22 2023)



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