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CONGRATS, your natural psychic ability is


You have “psychic feeling,” and can feel spirits and angels around you.


Ever walked into a room and had the hairs on the back of your neck stand up? Or felt sudden temperature changes in the room?


If you’ve felt those goosebumps or chills without any other explanation, you have been physically touched by a spirit.


Not everybody feels intuitive information, but you’re one of the lucky ones!

more traits of ClairSENTIent

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Most people who are clairsentient, “clear feeling” are very sensitive empaths. You care about people so deeply and tend to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. Most likely you have experienced a super eerie sensation like someone is watching you and don’t enjoy being in the dark. Ever thought about someone and felt sad, only to reach out and hear they lost someone close to them? You’re so empathic, that your feelings are connected to the wellbeing of others. For you, it might be a little harder to control your emotions.


On the other hand, you care deeply about humanity and love others with your entire heart and soul. The older you get, the more you tend to care. You’re naturally a caregiver personality, as you don’t like violence or seeing others struggle. You even might get a little emotional at those darn Budweiser commercials with the giant draft horses and sweet little yellow lab pup. It’s best for you to remember regular self care and only surround yourself with people who uplift your soul. When you’re around happy people, you too will remain happy. Keep that in mind!

TOOLS to enhance your ABiLITY

Here are some crystals I’d recommend to enhance clairsentience



Naturally contains lithium to help calm your nervous system. Is best used as a natural form of anti-anxiety when held in hand or worn close to you.



Our number one pick for all empaths especially for psychic protection. Obsidian bounces unwanted energy off of you and back to its original source.


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One of the best general stones. Well known for grounding & calming, allowing a clear connection to Earth for feelings of stability & protection.

Place these crystals throughout your home, in your car, under your pillow, or hold them during meditation.


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