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CONGRATS, your natural psychic ability is

AKA "clear SEEING"

You have clear psychic “vision”. Your angels and guides are constantly giving you repeating numbers or signs like feathers and rainbows.


You’re generally a very visual person and learn by watching.


Be sure to pay attention to your peripheral eyesight, as you might notice an influx of glitter or sparkles out of the corners of your eyes. Those are typically your angels and guides showing themselves to you.


Can you see auras or colors around people’s silhouettes?

more traits of ClairVOYANT

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I bet if you closed your eyes and pictured your kitchen with everything you have on the counter, you could do it! You are creative and artistic. Remembering photographs and short video clips in your mind is a piece of cake! You also generally notice people, places, and things very well. Your guides will often be showing you faces, animals, and other items on a regular basis. Also, to-do lists are right up your alley!


Your guides may have “shown” you a premonition too. Either visually in your thoughts or even in your dreams before it actually happens. Ever seen a ghost? Sometimes your ability is clear seeing with your actual eyes not just your third eye like a thought. To enhance your clairvoyant ability, start daily journaling, sketch, or draw whatever comes into your mind. Touch your third eye and see it opening up. Don’t forget to write things down! You’ll be surprised at what they show you!

TOOLS to enhance your ABiLITY

Here are some crystals I’d recommend to enhance clairvoyance



 Naturally enhances psychic intuition and abilities as well as increases your deep meditative state.


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One of the best stones for full-body chakra clearing and meditation to open your third eye while grounding.



Great for third eye chakra stimulation. Also promotes mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical healing.

Place these crystals throughout your home, in your car, under your pillow, or hold them during meditation.


It's fun and easy to discover your psychic abilities.
Why not let your friends/family in on the fun?

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