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Medical Intuitive


Learn How To Become
A Certified Medical Intuitive Practitioner
*in 6 months

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Learn How To:

​​Trust in your clear channel abilities​​

Recognize and heal ailments within your body & others


Attract dream clients in alignment with your offerings

Build a highly rewarding spiritual healing business & SO MUCH MORE!

You’ve had many intuitive experiences and recently you’ve found a deeper calling to hone in and share your abilities.


You’ve been feeling called to get paid for your intuitive abilities.


You’ve been wanting to offer intuitive services but have been waiting for the right training that you know will give you what you need to feel 100% confident and clear to do so. 


Imagine if you could trust the divine downloads you are receiving and be 100% accurate at all times….

You would have complete confidence when intuitively scanning your client’s body knowing the exact information to help them


You would be able to build a successful Medical Intuitive business and charge higher fees, as your dream clients rave about your healing capabilities 


You realize you are limitless in your medical healing modalities, which then opens the door to develop your own new unique abilities

As it is now though, there are times where…


You don’t trust your intuition and make decisions even when you aren’t 100% sure 


Your channel isn’t clear, so you don’t trust yourself and worry others won’t be able to trust you either


Sometimes you question if you’re receiving from the Divine or if you’re paying attention to your own thoughts and feelings


You waver back and forth deciding if you’re even ready for this big leap forward into learning how to properly scan the body


You worry others are more advanced than you are and you’ll stand out as not knowing as much

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You know with full clarity and trust in your intuitive abilities that you will effortlessly hold the key to everything: 

  • Have 100% confidence to claim your abilities to all without holding back your light


  • Know without a doubt you are making a difference in healing humanity


  • Easily charge higher fees for the amazing healing results that you are giving your dream clients. 


  • Have the confidence that you are making a difference in helping heal your client’s bodies with ease


  • Release the financial cap to receive an increased flow of money effortlessly


  • Magnetize your energy and elevate your dream clients to an easier life just as it’s intended to be

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This Medical Intuition Certification course is the premier space for new and current light leaders & intuitives who know it’s time to embrace and trust in their abilities with complete confidence.

You will walk away from this sacred journey with integrated clarity that you're intuitive channel is clear and accurate.

You will realize how easily and effortlessly receiving medical intuition information really is, and it far exceeds any of your expectations you had originally placed on yourself. 

You will know how limitless you are, and creating an identity with your medical intuition abilities is easy to attract dream clients who consistently bring you financial abundance with ease.



When you are 100% confident and trust in your abilities, you too can have an amazing healing impact!

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Even if you view yourself as confident and a highly attuned intuitive, this Medical Intuitive Training will undoubtedly raise your own bar as you learn to properly scan the body, remove pain and trauma, and bring your clients amazing results, 100% of the time!



My session was one of the coolest things I've experienced!


She was able to correctly identify the body aches and pains I had been dealing with and relieve them, specifically my lower back. Months later, I still feel relief where she performed body work that I wasn't even able to achieve with a chiropractor.


I would hands down recommend Jen 1,000%! 

Tamara C.

"I have many old injuries from my past military service and have had surgeries and treatments that have not worked. It has been a full week since my healing and I have been pain free the whole time. I am a full believer in Jen and she is a true blessing. I highly recommend her."

Ken. W.

"Two words to describe my experience would be life-changing.


I was in a funk (for years). I feel refreshed, I have a newfound hope. I have a new appreciation for the world and those around me. Jen helped heal me in ways I didn’t even know I needed or could be healed. I took away amazing skills." 

Amber P.

Meegan Leevand.jpeg

"I feel lighter and so much brighter today.


I walked for 4.5 miles this morning. My low back didn't ache once and I was able to carry on a conversation the whole walk without feeling that heaviness in my chest I've been carrying. I can turn my neck easier and my stomach doesn't have the dread inside it anymore. I was ready for a healing!" 


Meegan B. 


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During our sacred Medical Intuitive Certification, you will have lifetime access to highly detailed trainings on how to…

Identify and clear past trauma allowing you to become a crystal clear channel 


Scan the body and deliver your findings to your clients with 100% confidence and accuracy


Know the difference between your body energy versus your clients energy


Release, remove and properly restore your client to a “pain free” neutral state 


Build deep trust with your spirit doctors so your medical intuitive healing sessions are uncannily accurate and helpful to all clients


Proper ethics to establish boundaries and ensure a successful medical intuitive healing practice


Power up your energy field to keep your frequency high to so you do not drain your energy or pick up unwanted energy from your clients


Start a new medical intuition business or learn how to incorporate medical intuition into your already existing business, while attracting your dream clients.


  • Uncover and reveal hidden healing gifts you didn’t even know you had

  • Simply call in your new, most capable spiritual committee to establish 100% clean and accurate medical intuitive information

  • Call in your dream clients easily and effortlessly

  • Feel safe to easily double your money income as a spiritual light leader

  • Allow others to place “value” on your healing, rather than feeling guilty for the price of your services

  • Release the fear of needing to have a “good” outcome with your clients during medical intuitive sessions

The MEDICAL INTUITIVE CERTIFICATION training is for the light leader who is eager to step into an abundant and rewarding spiritual path with massive healing impact for humanity, while receiving an overflow of wealth, because they know that the enormity of their mission requires large amounts of money to reclaim our planet and create heaven on earth. 

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Lock In Your VIP RATE for $6,888 USD

Limited Time Only

Generous Payment Plan of $847 x 9 months




  • Feeling 100% confident, competent and well equipped to offer medical intuitive healing free of questioning your abilities or the information you receive


  • Complete clarity as you scan the body to facilitate quick, lasting amazing results for your clients while becoming a HIGHLY sought after Medical Intuitive reputation, so your dreamiest clients find you


  • Massive personal growth and attunement of your ascension path allowing for financial overflow and remove your financial “cap” indefinitely


  • Have the skills to easily integrate Medical Intuitive healing sessions into your existing practice or start your own medical intuitive practice with 100% confidence in your abilities (because your results sell themselves)

Mary Johnson_edited.png

Jen is FABULOUS! She is so spot on and gifted. I consider myself blessed to have found her and recommend her to everyone, any chance I get.


Mary J.

More About Your Next Mentor!

Jen Stumpf, dental hygienist turned top rated global Medical Intuitive, with over 250 Five Star Google reviews is sought after for her channeling precision.

Over the years, Jen has developed a crystal clear connection with higher vibrational benevolent beings. These beings channel through her to help restore her clients and students to a much higher frequency.

Jen has a deep passion and love for teaching Medical Intuition and healing humanity.  When she's not channeling and providing high level guidance, she enjoys spending time with her family traveling, camping, and being in nature.

Medical Intuitive Jen Stumpf

For any questions or assistance with registration, please don't hesitate to reach out to our friendly GLOW Client Care team at


We are happy to answer your questions and guide you through the process. We look forward to welcoming you to the program!


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