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Introduction to psychic development


Develop your psychic abilities and see your life in a whole new way! 

Our Intro to Psychic Development Course offers you PROVEN methods & PRACTICAL steps designed to EASILY INTEGRATE into your life - while still living real life.

Identify and understand how to receive intuitive data to nurture your personal relationship with your guides. 


Learn to trust your own intuition and pay attention to subtle messages from the spirit world.

Discover your best self! Become more connected to what is going on around you.


Understand the core foundations to start your spiritual journey today. 


This course is suitable for those who have an interest in psychic and mediumship development with little to no experience.




You know there is more to life than meets the eye, and even after reading books and taking countless courses, you still haven't found a spiritual community. Here, you will connect with like-minded people on a similar Journey.


You feel or have been told you have a psychic gift. You may be looking outside of yourself for answers, when in reality, you already hold the key to your intuitive abilities. Tap into your gifts to become your authentic self and finally find your purpose.


You have always felt different than others and you can pick up on energies around you. You want to make sense of your own experiences and start living more aligned with your unique purpose while also breaking generational cycles. 

Psychic Medium Jen Stumpf Tarot

Sonia VanRosendael

“My experience with taking Jen’s Psychic Development course was absolutely beautiful! She was very informative about finding our own unique gifts & journey within while incorporating fun/deep/awesome exercises to build our individual gifts together! Today, I still use exercises Jen taught us in class!"

 Mikayla Dawson

“I felt drawn to this course the moment I heard about it. After the last class, I felt heard and seen; The feelings and questions I’ve always had were validated. After taking this course I feel well equipped to continue in my own spiritual journey and have a renewed sense of excitement about what’s to come."

Neysa Hulen

“My experience taking Psychic Development with Jen was above and beyond anything I could have hoped for! She taught me the techniques to begin trusting my intuition and recognizing my gifts. She empowered me to step into my authentic self and truly answered every question I had along the way.




Stop overthinking and limiting yourself.

You are ready to awaken your potential.

Take action to develop your gifts and improve your life

Let me show you EXACTLY how to get there...


Hi, I'm Jen!


I am a psychic medium, medical intuitive, Reiki practitioner and the creator of Glow Spiritual Healing & Wellness.


In 2018 my world turned upside down.  


I was having a huge spiritual awakening and didn't know who to turn to.


My dreams were vivid and I had complete knowings that the world as we see it with our eyes, was nothing like I thought it was.


At the time, I felt lost, alone and scared.


What I saw, felt, and learned through my spiritual journey has changed my life.


My development has bloomed and I feel I just can't learn enough! I've read numerous books, taken a series of courses, been involved in study groups and so much more.


I have incorporated what were my beginning stages into this three-week course to help others open the doors to their spiritual development.


I want you to know that you're not alone and I am here to help guide you.


This is just the beginning and I'm here for you! 

Psychic Medium Jen Stumpf

"In any given moment we have two options...

step forward into growth or step back into safety."

-Medium Jen Stumpf


There is something truly MAGICAL about connecting with the spirit world that can leave you with a FEELING of immense PEACE and CONFIDENCE. When you open those doors and tap into your spiritual journey, you will become part of the collective movement. 

I sincerely hope you'll join our spiritual community and thank you for allowing me to guide you.

After you've completed the
Intro to Psychic Development Course
You'll know EXACTLY how to...

Recognize your unique gifts & foster growth

Integrate meditation into your daily
spiritual practice

Use crystals & pendulums for healing yourself & others

Establish a spiritual
belief system

Understand chakra energy centers & their characteristics

Journal effectively to monitor your psychic development 

Communicate with
& angels

Identify your unique clairs & understand
your abilities

Heal trauma within yourself & feel more connected

Set up a sacred space for healing

Easily integrate practices into your
daily routine.

Make sense of your experiences & awaken your potential 

"This course is life-changing! Honest, real, & relatable.”

- Neysa Hulen

"I became more acquainted with myself and my purpose."

- Michelle Cordsen

"Jen’s guidance was everything I didn’t know I needed."

- Mikayla Dawson

Psychic Medium Jen Stumpf Private Coaching



DISCOVER your intuitive gifts!

Learn how to DEVELOP your gifts with proven

methods and practical steps designed to

EASILY INTEGRATE into your life

- without giving up your real life.

Here's what you get when you enroll today

  1. Instant access to 13-lesson online course (new content is released weekly to allow time for  implementation & to develop habits)

  2. BONUS: Meditations and demos + resource guide

  3. Course workbook (PDF download) 

  4. Certificate of Achievement upon completion

  5. Official "Training By Glow" seal for your website

  6. Exclusive invite to join our private Facebook group with ongoing support, networking & more!

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