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Quantum Healing: Tips to Tap Into Your Own Power Within

In 2020 I left my stable dental hygiene career to open Glow and had no idea that it would manifest into full-on healings. I actually only believed I was psychic.

Here's how my Quantum Healing began...

A few years ago I got really heavy into crystal Reiki healing. I started to see inside my client's bodies and could see spirit doctors working through my hands.

Let me be clear... some of it really weirded me out!

In fact, there was one client who came to see me who had severe stomach issues. I saw a native woman in spirit step into my body and work through my hands to remove a mass deep in my client's stomach region.

After removal, I saw the native woman "stitch" her up, and at the same time my client yelled "OUCH!" First of all... I had no clue she could actually feel us working inside her, second, I honestly couldn't hardly believe what was happening. I began chanting a song in my head in a different language I'd never heard of, and rubbing some type of salve on my client's stomach.

From then on, I didn't discount anything that I started seeing in the spirit world.

This session was the first time I realized...

"Spirit doctors work through my hands."

Since then, my Reiki has turned into full x-ray vision. With the help of my guides, I see and feel what's happening inside my client's bodies physically and energetically.

There is so much to know about Quantum Healing, these three things have been the most important for me to understand along my journey.

  1. Intention is everything. Energy flows where your intention goes!

  2. Trust what you receive. When you ask the spirit world to tell you or show you, believe what comes through.

  3. Know that you are limitless. When we place limitations upon ourselves, then that's exactly what happens. But, when we step outside the box and expand our minds, anything is possible.

Honestly, I never really believed that people could heal others. I didn't really understand it, nor ever feel I was worthy to do this work. The truth is, we all have this ability. Let me show you how...

Join my FREE Virtual Quantum Healing Event LIVE Sunday, September 17th at 6:00 PM, Pacific Time.

Here's what to expect:

  • Understand what Quantum Healing is all about I will be sharing my experiences on how QH works and how to direct your intention.

  • Teach you how to connect to your body's energy field We all have the ability to look inside our bodies and send healing. I will dive deep into what this looks like and feels like.

  • LIVE Quantum Healings (my favorite) As a special treat, I will be offering LIVE healings to share this incredible healing modality with as many of you as possible.

Mark your calendars and save the date for this fun and FREE virtual event!

Quantum Healing Live Event

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