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welcome to the glow up membership community

"Your sacred community to connect with Spirit and partner with the divine." 


Join our GLOW UP Members Only Facebook Group to stay up to date on all the latest live content, watch impromptu trainings, connect with fellow members & more!

In short - our Facebook group houses all timely content, quick trainings, and supports member engagement. And since you are more than likely already familiar with the platform - it's the best way for you to receive notifications for upcoming calls, reminders to check out new videos added to the Content Library, live events, and more!

And THen...

Click the button below to log in to your THINKIFIC dashboard. **Be sure to bookmark the login page for easy reference!

The Thinkific Content Library is where you will access ALL RECORDED CONTENT. There are tons of videos available RIGHT NOW! Plus, we're always adding more each month. Don't worry, we'll let you know in the FB Group when new content is added. 

You may also decide to download the Thinkific mobile app (which you can do below.) After you log in thru the app, you can access your membership content in the app rather than logging in online.

How to access THE content LIBRARY


Step 1: Log in to Thinkific ( 

*Bookmark that link for easy access

** OR - visit our website at and click MEMBER LOGIN in the menu bar. 

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Step 2: Choose What Content You Want to Watch

* The Content Library archives all recorded content (GLOW UP Training Lessons, Meditations, Resources, and more!)

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The first rule of the law of attraction - You get out what you put in... So if you want to get the most out of your membership - go all in! We promise you won't regret it ;)

Take 2 minutes to introduce yourself in the Facebook group. Share a photo (bonus points if you go live or upload a video!) by telling us where you're joining us from, why you decided to become a member, and something fun/unique about yourself.

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Reach out anytime in the Facebook group by tagging @Jen Stump or send an email to

For technical questions, tag @Kendra Wray

in the Facebook Group or email

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