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Hosted by Jen Stumpf,

Top Rated Global Medical Intutive

to tap into your intuition & easily become a money magnet

Get Instant Access to our 7-Part Masterclass for Free!

Join me for a FREE 7-part masterclass, with all new high-value transmissions.


You're a Light Leader passionate about helping people, but struggling to figure out how to put all the puzzle pieces together.

You keep thinking "It shouldn't be THIS hard..."

"There must be one magic piece I'm missing that will complete the puzzle."


And guess what?

The magic puzzle piece is you!


It's so common to have blocks (like past trauma or outdated beliefs around receiving and holding more money) that are capping your income - and you already hold the answer to how to release those blocks (you just need help to find and get rid of them for good!)

This is why I created this FREE 7-Part Masterclass - INTUITIVE WEALTH - to help you tap into your intuition so you can allow abundance to flow - effortlessly.

You'll leave this EPIC training knowing the EXACT ways to instantly receive accurate intuitive information allowing you to attract the money you’ve been ready to hold. 

⭐ You're a Light Leader who clearly knows your sacred calling is to help people
⭐ You're called to increase your income to flow easily as you magnify your impact
⭐ You recognize that you have blocks capping your income & are ready to release them


This EMPOWERING experience will equip you with the enhanced intuitive tools you need to unlock your financial success.

Join me & be guided through a powerful transformation, shifting you from:

Questioning your abilities & lacking trust --> to having the confidence to tap into possibilities. 

Feeling burdened with negative money beliefs --> to feeling free & ready to welcome in abundance.

Holding yourself back from financial success --> to claiming what is your given birthright.

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Part 1

Simple tips to heal your nervous system & increase your intuition

Part 2

How to release stored trauma
& step into your light

Part 3

Setting the intention to welcome in the wealth you want

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Part 4

How to increase your intuition & trust the messages you receive

Part 5

Why matching the energy of success is crucial + an exercise

Part 6

How to take action to naturally attract abundance in all forms.


Activate and step into your highest timeline to receive financial abundance now!

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"Jen is amazing! I am new to this kind of thing and I felt so safe and loved throughout the whole experience. It has given me peace and guidance. Highly recommend!"

Kathryn H.

"Jen is very guided by spirit and has provided me with a great deal of clarity and peace over the last year and a half since meeting her."

Becky P.

"Jen is an incredible healer and I am grateful to be here and receive
from her."

Chanea H.

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Masterclass Details At-a-Glance

WHEN: Right Now!
You'll get INSTANT ACCESS to all 7 videos to watch whenever you want - as often as you want!

WHERE: From the comfort of your own home

INVESTMENT: Completely FREE, my sacred gift to you

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More About Your Next Mentor!

Jen Stumpf, dental hygienist turned Top-Rated Global Medical Intuitive, with over 250 Five Star Google reviews is sought after for her channeling precision.

Over the years, Jen has developed a crystal clear connection with higher vibrational benevolent beings. These beings channel through her to help restore her clients and students to a much higher frequency.

Jen has a deep passion and love for teaching and healing humanity.  When she's not channeling and providing high-level guidance, she enjoys spending time with her family traveling, camping, and being in nature.

Medical Intuitive Jen Stumpf

For any questions or assistance with registration, please don't hesitate to reach out to our friendly GLOW Client Care team at


We are happy to answer your questions and guide you through the process. We look forward to welcoming you to the Glow community!


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