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Quantum Healing: What is it and how does it work?

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

Quantum Healing: The conscious evolution of shifting and expanding awareness to limitless possibilities


Many of us are feeling the shift of consciousness evolving here on Earth. We are trying to find our "purpose" while living physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually healthy lives. With that being said, the pharmaceutical industry has pushed prescription medications. They have created repeat customers and are a growing multibillion-dollar industry to keep us sick. They know there is no money in creating healthy people.

For people who want a healthy alternative to prescription medications, Quantum Healing fulfills this demand.

Quantum Healing is non-invasive, effective, fast-acting, and has no side effects.

As one of the only certified Quantum Healing practitioners in the Pacific Northwest, I'm here to help break down the questions and guide you through a more holistic approach to healing.

Simplifying quantum physics: Let's make this easy

First, just hearing the words "quantum physics" can be very intimidating, so let's break it down and make it easier to digest.

Quantum physics is the study in which two things energetically interact with one another.

Quantum Healing is the energetic interaction of two people and their consciousness. It's an intelligence that cannot be measured. Quantum Healing is the physical world connecting to intangible thought or "consciousness" of another.

As a practitioner offering Quantum Healing, I am a conduit for connecting to the energy of my client's consciousness. I receive guidance from my helpers in the spirit world and am shown where and how to manipulate that energy for my clients' highest and best of good. And, the results are remarkable!

Consciousness and intention: Our minds are multidimensional

"Energy flows where intention goes." -Rhonda Byrne

We all know our minds are incredibly powerful. We can talk ourselves into manifesting all sorts of things, healthy or unhealthy. When we direct our energy and focus on something, it cultivates. This is simply intention.

Intention works through consciousness and creates life force energy. We have the ability to connect to life force energy and shift it consciously with our free will.

When we intend to create healing, so it is.

Quantum Healing works exactly the same. Both parties have to be committed to full healing for the outcome to be successful, regardless of if the process of healing is understood or not. We are creating life force energy with the intention of healing the mind, body, and soul.

Quantum Healing: How it can work for you

Many people have physical ailments as a response to metaphysical conditions.

Here's an example: A client comes in with wrist and foot pain without doctors' answers as to why they hurt so badly. When we tap into their energy, I am shown a whirlwind of changes surrounding them. They are metaphysically putting their hands up and digging in their heels to resist these changes. Once acknowledged, released, and healed, we are onto the next ailment.

This is where many diseases and ailments in Western medicine become overlooked. As we understand the need for the intention to heal, we then turn to the limitless possibilities of what that healing looks like individually.

Quantum Healing can heal:

  • Physically

  • Mentally

  • Spiritually

  • Emotionally

Each Quantum Healing session is entirely unique, and clients receive whatever they need at that time.

Accepting healing within: We all have Free will

"You have to be willing to accept healing in order to receive relief." -Medium Jen Stumpf

One must be ready- wanting, believing, accepting, and allowing for full healing to take place during a Quantum Healing session.

Some people enjoy the attention of being sick. If subconsciously healing their sick body means they would lose their identity, they often choose not to heal. If they are benefiting from their illness, they will be reluctant to release it and allow Quantum Healing to be effective. We cannot override a person's free will.

Quantum Healing is all about compassion for the client, but ultimately the healing resides in the responsibility of the client's free will to receive.

As a Quantum Healing practitioner, I am dedicated to this holistic approach to serving my community and beyond.

If you have received Quantum Healing from me, I invite you to comment below to share your experience with others.

For all other inquiries, please don't hesitate to reach out to me personally at


Written by Medium Jen Stumpf, Founder of Glow Spiritual Healing & Wellness



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