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Embracing the Full Super Blue Moon: A Spiritual and Emotional Journey

On August 30th, 2023 at 6: 35 PM Pacific time, we will be experiencing a very rare lunar phenomenon called a Full Super Blue Moon.

This magical event will open the doors to our emotions as we transform the way we think in our hearts and minds.

Now, let us dive deeper into this naturally occurring celestial phenomenon.

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What is a Full Super Blue Moon

Remember the saying, "Once in a blue moon?"

Well, this Full Super Blue Moon only happens once every ten years on average. It's incredibly special!

Typically a supermoon is around 7-30% closer to Earth. That means it appears a bit larger in the sky to the naked eye.

This up-and-coming Full Super Blue Moon will be approximately seventeen thousand miles closer to Earth. We might not notice it much, but this moon has a lot of lunar significance.

The term "Blue Moon" doesn't actually represent a blue-colored moon, although that would be super cool.

If you happen to see the moon in color, what you are actually seeing are small particles in the air, making it appear colored.

Blue Moon is a term that means a 2nd Full Moon in a calendar month. This is rare because it typically only occurs once every 2.7 years.

This Full Super Blue Moon signals a time to buckle down and dive deep into your personal journey.

"Once in a blue moon."

Enhancing Our Self-Awareness and Intuition

During the Full Super Blue Moon, your intuitive abilities will be heightened.

This celestial event serves as a reminder to trust your gut feelings and lean into what feels "right" for you. Without worrying about what others think, this Full Super Blue Moon will direct an "inward" focus on what you value the most.

You will feel more directed to believing in yourself, celebrating your accomplishments, and embracing your unique self to shine bright. Pay attention to profound dreams and messages from the spirit world.

Brace Yourself For Emotional Healing

Yes, you read that right! Full moons typically induce deep emotional pulls.

Our bodies are made up of approximately 70% water. Similar to the tides rising during a full moon, we too become ultra-emotional.

Pay attention to how you feel. You will be experiencing a surfacing of emotional wounds, healing them, and realizing they will turn into your greatest strengths.

Getting past that emotional hump of the Full Super Blue Moon isn't easy though. Remember, the reason the Universe makes you process your feelings is because you're ready.

Setting Intentions and Letting Go

As you embrace the emotional and spiritual facets of the Full Super Blue Moon, it's essential to set clear intentions for your journey ahead.

This means, taking some time to reflect on your past goals and decide what drives your future dreams, desires, and aspirations.

Here's what you can do:

  • Write down any short-term goals you want to accomplish

  • Infuse them with deep intention and emotion as if you reached your goals

  • Release any negative thought patterns or limiting beliefs

  • Let go of any emotional baggage that no longer serves your highest and best

In Conclusion

You are being asked to shed what no longer aligns with your authentic self while making space for personal growth and transformation.

Embrace the intense energies this Full Super Blue Moon offers and remember to be gentle on yourself during this time.

Go within and touch base with your soul to reconnect to your heart and the parts of you that need love and attention.

You're rising above what no longer serves you.

Wanna learn how to use this moon to your advantage? Sign up for our FREE virtual event now!

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