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Learn to Trust Your Intuition

We're in the heat of summer! Are you feeling it?

My focus this summer has really been on my family. We've been fortunate to do some camping, road-tripped to Idaho, fishing, soaked our toes in Magical Hot Springs, had some yummy dinners with neighbors, and explored the outdoors.

Glow Owner - Jen Stumpf

Man, I feel like it has completely flown by! Seriously, how is it the middle of August already?! The new school year is right around the corner and I'm already school shopping... (BTW Costco has school supply packs on sale for $9.99 - SCORE!)

Amid all the family fun... One of the hottest topics that I'm asked about over and over again is...

"How can I learn to trust my intuition more?"

I'm sure you can relate to this... in our fast-paced and often chaotic world, it's easy to get caught up in the noise and confusion, leaving us disconnected from our inner guidance.

However, our intuition (that quiet voice within) holds the key to guiding us toward the right path.


  1. Pay attention to your gut feelings - listen to subtle nudges and hunches

  2. Take time to quiet your body and mind and reflect on your thoughts - a quiet mind allows you to receive from what's happening around you.

  3. Act on your intuition - Trust and do what you are being let to do. Letting go of control can be the hardest part!

  4. Learn from past experiences - Reflect on situations you might not have listened to your intuition and understand the difference in how you felt afterward.

Trusting and embracing our intuition is a lifelong journey. And I'm excited to share something with you that I've been working on that I hope will help make your journey a little bit easier.

Introducing my new LEARN TAROT online course.

It's short and sweet (by design) and while Tarot can seem overwhelming at first - I broke it down in a way that makes it incredibly easy to learn.

The best part is that learning to read Tarot can catapult your intuitive abilities, and you might even feel inclined to read for your friends and family as well!

When I first learned Tarot, it seemed like I was never going to remember the meanings of ALL those cards! But with basic knowledge of card meanings and practice, your cards will soon speak to your intuition.

You'll gain that insight and guidance you've been craving... And it's easier and more accessible than you think.

Check out the instant access course and get started today!

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