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Your Natural Psychic ability is...


AKA "clear hearing"

You have “psychic hearing” and can hear things most others cannot. From a faraway siren to voices in your head, the spirit world connects with you through sound.


Do you find you talk to yourself a lot?


Ever hear those reminders in your head to grab an item before you leave the grocery store?


Most likely that’s not your thought. You’re actually hearing guidance from your angels and spirit guides around you. 

more traits of clairAUDIENCE

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Most people who are clairaudient “clear hearing” are super sensitive to loud sounds. Anything too loud might actually physically hurt your ears.


And unfortunately for you, noise is probably the first thing that wakes you up in the morning... Singing birds, a loud passing car, or an obnoxious barking dog off in the distance.


It’s often tough to concentrate with loud distractions around. For this exact reason, take some time for yourself. It's important for you to hear your next abundant opportunity, business idea, or even big life shift. 


You are mostly introverted and will need regular self-care in a quiet and calm environment.


Time to quiet down and listen to what your guides are telling you. Always remember, trust what you receive! 

Tips to grow your wealth

  • Singing Bowls / Sound Healing: This will literally recharge your soul!!! When you learn how to heighten your clairaudience, you will make money easily because you can trust what you're receiving. 

  • Quiet music: When there is too much noice, you will only hear what you want. Slow down and listen to enhance your intuition easily around abundance. 

Tools to enhance your wealth

selenite - clairaudient crystal 1 - selenite.jpeg


Its pure essence connects with the crown chakra to allow you full strength connection with your guides. When you are a clear channel you receive messages of abundance easily. 

blue kyanite quiz result clairaudient 2 blue kyanite.jpg

Blue Kyanite

Promotes serenity and a calm state of mind while stimulating your psychic abilities and the ability to receive wealth. A calm nervous system will automatically raise your frequency to receive more money!

quiz result clairaudient 3 Lemurian Quartz.jpg

Lemurian Quartz

Well known for its ability to direct light into the body, this crystal is all about clear communication with your guides to easily and effortlessly receive abundance of all kinds. 

TIP: Place these crystals throughout your home, in your car, under your pillow, or hold them during meditation to enhance abundance.

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