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Your Natural Psychic ability is...


AKA "clear knowing"

You have clear psychic “knowing”. In fact, sometimes you just know things but don’t understand how you know them.


That’s when your angels and guides are giving you a “download” of information.


You intuitively trust your “gut” and stand firm in what you believe to be true.


Many times, you find yourself finishing other people’s sentences and also know pretty darn well when someone is lying to you. 

more traits of clairCOGNIZANTS

GLOW Clair Quiz Result Claircognizant.png

Most people who are claircognizant, “clear knowing” are quick thinkers and ready with comebacks.


You tend to be more logical and get bursts of ideas out of “nowhere.”


Do you ever think about something and receive the answer in your mind?


Typically claircognizant people have the ability to connect with their guides through thought and gut senses.


You take pride in constantly learning and gathering information, as you also enjoy reading and “taking it all in.” 

Do random people come out of the woodwork wanting your best advice?

Tips to grow your gift

  • Solar Plexus Clearing: Visualize cleaning and clearing the solar plexus “stomach chakra” to make room for growth and abundance. You can do that by imagining standing in front of the sun pulling the sun’s energy into your gut. 

  • Intuition tests: You can find intuition tests on my Instagram - it's simple, try guessing what is in someone's hand by simply trusting your gut and saying the first thing that comes to mind. It's fun!

Tools to enhance your ability


pyrite crystal.jpg

Naturally enhances a creative mindset for abundance and success. Also great for mental focus.

citrine 1.jpg


One of the best stones for boosting concentration & manifesting abundance with clarity.

golden healer.jpg

Golden Healer

Naturally reduces anxiety and places you in a calmer state of mind by raising your frequency and heightening intuition.

TIP: Place these crystals throughout your home, in your car, under your pillow, or hold them during meditation.

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